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Belle du Seigneur (2012)

драма, романтичен | Франция, Люксембург, Германия, Белгия, Швейцария, Обединеното кралство
Режисьори: Glenio Bonder

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Рейтинг: 5.2/10


In Geneva in the 1930s; Solal and Ariane meets at a party. Their lives differ as day and night. Ariane is a young married aristocrate from a Protestant family from Geneva. Solal is a Jewish diplomat who rises from nothing to the second highest position in the League of Nations on the eve of the Second World War. Ariane is none other than the wife of his subordinate, Adrien. But they are carried away by their fervent love and must not only undergo the hostility of the rest of the world but also deal with their own problems. Solal is plagued by obsessive love and Ariane is swept away by a passionate and physical love. And Solal hides a dark part of his personality. But their love is based on fundamental understanding. He loves the thought of Ariane, she loves the reality of Solal.


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