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Blind Trust (2007)

Режисьори: Louis Bolduc

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Рейтинг: 5.3/10


Cassie Stewart's world crashes around her when she awakens to find herself with a gun in her hand, lying next to the half-naked bodies of her lover, Bobby Rose and her best friend and room mate Diane Summers. As the only witness, Cassie is hounded bythe media and forced to testify in court. During the hearing, Cassie's relationship with Bobby is exposed and she soon becomes a suspect with a motive of jealousy. Cassie is promptly found guilty and goes into hiding, determined to prove her innocence. L.G Mennick, Cassie's handsome and overly confident lawyer vows to help with her frantic race to find the real killer while she still has her freedom. Cassie begins her own investigations, but with no witnesses and little evidence it proves a hard task. In her struggle to acquit herself from the brutal crime of which she stands accused, Cassie searches Diane's bedroom, desperate for some link to the killer. She soon finds a hidden box full of Diane's belongings, which reveals evidence of asecret lover - Cassie's first real lead to Diane and Bobby's murderer. Armed with this information, Cassie pursues a new angle, anchored by guidance and council from her lawyer. As she moves closer to uncovering the killer's identity, Cassie is horrified to discover that her life is threatened by the only people she thought she could trust. With everyone against her, her wits and courage are now all she has to stay alive.


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