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Heinrich Gruber, a public prosecutor as he stands, and the travel journalist Tom Gruber have little in common in life. The two gentlemen in their 60s are all the more astonished when they get to know each other at the opening of a will - as the husbands of the deceased. Sophia, who had a car accident, led a double life that was both secret and happy for decades. While the esoteric Tom would like to get to know his rival in order to understand his beloved wife even better, Heinrich turns completely stubborn in his pain. The paragraph-proof lawyer recognizes Sophia's Las Vegas wedding with Tom just as little as her last will: She asks that her ashes be scattered in the North Sea - by "her" husbands together. In order to comply with this illegal request, Tom steals the urn from the undertaker. Heinrich cannot be shaken off, however. On the trip together with Tom's camper, they get to know the pregnant hitchhiker Ella, who makes them pause briefly. However, the truce between the hotheads only lasts until the arrival on the island of Neuhever. Now it's a matter of who gets through his stubbornness on site: burial at sea or cemetery. Due to their rivalry, Heinrich and Tom initially do not notice that their prudent Sophia has arranged everything perfectly even with their last will.


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