Elisabeth Romm wants to start all over again: The attractive and successful antique dealer is determined to get married for the second time and to start a new life with her great love Bert. But then it happens: On the day of the planned wedding, Bert collapses in front of the registry office with a heart attack and dies. From one moment to the next, stunned Elisabeth is left with nothing. She has not only lost her beloved life partner, but also her livelihood - namely, she had already given up her antique shop, as well as her own apartment. First, the grieving, disturbed Elisabeth comes to live with her daughter Isabel. But she soon senses that, above all, Isabel's selfish husband Adrian wants his mother-in-law out of the house as soon as possible. And suddenly Elisabeth realizes that she has to overcome the grief and look ahead again - so she quickly packs her suitcase and starts a journey south: just set off, without a specific destination and without a return ticket. Your path finally leads you to the wild and romantic Greek island of Santorini. With the help of the personable pensioner Daphne, she finds work in a jewelry store. Here Elisabeth blossoms to new life, because she is very familiar with art and old jewelry. But not only that: In Konstantin, the single owner of the shop, Elisabeth also finds a very charming admirer. At first she rejects his advances - but over time Elisabeth has to admit that she, too, has fallen in love with Constantine. So she seems to unexpectedly find her happiness far from home - if it weren't for Konstantin's son Meander and his scheming wife Katarina: They fear for their inheritance and therefore do everything in their power to separate Elisabeth and Konstantin.


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