Dharma & Greg

Dharma & Greg (1997)

Komödie, Romanze | Vereinigte Staaten

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Bewertung: 6.3/10
Benutzer-Bewertung: 8.25/10
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There could hardly be an odder match, but love knows no reason. Assistant D.A. Greg Montgomery, the son of successful businessman Edward Montgomery and Kitty, the queen of socialite snob-ism, falls madly in love with the utterly unconventional free spirit Dharma Finkelstein, the daughter of hippie couple Larry Finkelstein and Abby O'Neil. Even if they can't break the couple up, both in-law families-who never agree on anything else-stir up trouble as they are shocked by each other's lifestyle. Greg's lazy and incompetent colleague Pete Cavanaugh and Dharma's odd friend Jane, don't help their relationship either, between which another improbable hate-love chemistry develops.

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